Hello Everyone! 
Welcome to your go-to site for all things fashionable. If you want to be in the “know and now” of fashion, this is the site for you.  I’m Nadia McDonald, a fashion enthusiast and blogger. I created this blog to give my opinions on the latest trends (hot or not), showcase fashion/ designers and promote all the different brands that fuel my enthusiasm. I travel to various fashion shows and events to bring you the latest on: what’s trending, new designers/labels and expanding retailers.
As the youngest of 5 girls growing up in Jamaica, watching my sisters create their own unique styles from the pages of fashion magazines and runway shows was my first glimpse of the fashion industry. Other family members who modeled locally and internationally contributed to my knowledge of how to take a look from the catwalk and make it my own. When I was a student of Barbizon modeling school in New York, I participated in my first runway show. It was there I developed an interest in photography. Briefly, while in High School, I was a part of a group that helped promote the retail stores at Lake Buena Vista by doing in store modeling and fashion shows. I learned then, I’m much more comfortable behind the camera than in front. In college, I focused on my studies and left fashion behind, but never forgotten. After college, I became a real-estate agent and leasing consultant focusing just on my career. Last year, I went to visit one of those said sisters, who now resides in London; while there she put on a fashion show for me right in her living room; just for fun.  I came back to the States with a renewed passion. I knew I had to create this blog as a creative outlet for myself and to support the brands, fashion retailers and trends of today.
In addition to fashion, I love to travel, I enjoy interacting with different cultures, trying different cuisines, listening to music (really loud), dancing and *taking photos of others.
I’m thankful to my family who have always supported my dreams and inspired me to always work hard for what I want. They have instilled in me a work ethic that is deep rooted. For that, I am forever grateful.
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-Nadia McDonald

*Those who know me, know I rarely like being photographed (I'm somewhat camera shy) but I do it because I love my family and friends. Through blogging, I'm becoming a bit more comfortable and I'm thankful for that.