Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Warby Parker: Newest Collection

Hello Fashionistas! 
It has been a minute since I posted. What can I say? Life! Hope you all have been doing well. Some of you may already know that I love wearing sunglasses; if you don't, view some of my previous posts herehere & here.
I recently found out that Warby Parker launched a new collection of sunglasses on June 13th. This collection is reminiscent of the 1950s in whereas they have reinvented "the shape - bold browline, mixed materials" - of that era. The inspiration is to "look as smart as you are" while wearing these sunglasses. Makes sense since there is a school of thought that glasses makes an individual look smarter. I included some of the eyeglasses as well to give you an idea of the style overload; these glasses are far from boring! 
Warby Parker has an at home try-on program which allows you the opportunity to try on five different frames for five days for free. After those fives days, keep the ones that you like and return the ones that didn't quite fit your style. Oh, I forgot to mention, shipping is free both ways. Sweet! 

Warby Parker also likes to give back with their buy a pair, give a pair program. I think it's highly commendable when companies give back. That's what you will be doing when you purchase a pair of glasses; giving to someone less fortunate. 

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