Monday, February 11, 2013

What Women Want---

What Women Want---

Valentine's Day gift guide for men based on a survey I conducted earlier today. The above is in no particular order, none is more important than the other. Some of the items did not make the list because I couldn't mention it here on my rated PG blog, however I hope you get what you want (you know who you are). 

  1. Red roses, no surprise there. Red is the color of passion, so this is one way for a guy to show how he feels about a woman. And roses smell great.
  2. Chocolate candy (I'll keep my comment to myself).
  3. A Valentine's Card. A card does go a long way fellas, especially if you are not very verbose about your feelings, or not into writing sonnets; choose the best card that can express what you would like to convey to your woman.
  4. Christian Louboutin pumps. Not surprised these made the list. What can I say, it's the gift that keeps on giving.
  5. A new car. This one was a bit surprising but hey, why not put it out there.
  6. Hermes bag (good luck with this one).
  7. Romantic dinner for two. I really like this idea, especially if you know how to cook, kudos to you!
  8. Massage. This is a no-brainer, relieve stress and tension so you can re-connect.
  9. Romantic get-a-way. No kids, no work, just you two =)
  10. A nice guy
Didn't get a chance to participate in my survey earlier? Let me know what you would like for Valentine's Day! 


  1. That's right! :D

    xx MJ

  2. I always like chocolate on Valentine's Day!


  3. I completely agree haha

    Have an amazing week,
    Mary x

  4. Exactly! I wouldn't mind any of these for Valentine's day but even something as simple as a bouquet of roses can be enough :-) Great post! <3

  5. Hi ! Thank you for your comment on my blog !

    The shoes are amazing , i'm just crazy about Christian Louboutin !



  6. Nice blog!!! :)

    Would u like to follow each other? I ve already followed you!! :)))


  7. yes yes yes I would definitely want those too :-D Great picks hun!

    xoxo Pakize (Keke)

    1. =) Hope you do get everything you want this Valentine's Day Keke.

  8. For me valentines day means a nice guy! Who knows I'm lucky this year..

    Breathe Me

  9. I want to get my wife three of those things on your list would any three do????

    1. :-) depends. You have to trust that you know your wife well enough to choose the right gifts. Good luck!

  10. I can assure you the flowers (doesn't have to be roses), get-a-way trip, and new pair of Loubs are all on my list. The nice guy I secured a while ago!