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Harley-Davidson : : Fashion Show

It was Customer Appreciation day at Savannah Harley-Davidson - good food, great fashion and lots of fun for the entire family. Did you know that Harley-Davidson was not just a bike company? They have a wide selection of apparel: Pink Collection, Kids Couture, Pajamas, Tropical wear and fabulous jewelry. Stop in at one of your local Harley-Davidson retailer to see what I'm talking about. Sorry guys! this is no longer just your playground :)

Is it wrong that I wanted to wear this flower in my hair? 

From the pink collection

The ladies that made this event fashionable: (left to right) Melissa Harris - model with Bikini Nation and appointed director for the fashion show; Jessica Quito Perle - Make-up artist extraordinaire; Ioana Rotaru - hairstylist; and last but not least, Jennifer Hagan-Smith - Marketing Coordinator for Savannah Harley-Davidson (emcee for the fashion show), Bikini Nation Owner and COO of Survivor Glam Squad .

Bikini Nation - Bikini Nation official website

Jessica Quito Perle - Ms. Quito Artistry Facebook page

Savannah Harley-Davidson - Facebook page

Photography credit: Corey Brooks & James Purvis 

Happy Earth Day!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Chicnova : : Necklaces

Necklace seen here

Necklace seen (here & here)

Received these 2 necklaces in the mail today; I wanted to share them with you ASAP. They are from Chicnova, an online women's fashion retailer.

Outfit post to come as soon as I pair them with something fabulous!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

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