Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Rachael and Mackenzie are two sisters who appeared on season 3 of Shark Tank. They were seeking a small investment to expand their one-of-a-kind body and shoe jewelry design company. Daymond John (of Fubu) and Mark Cuban took a chance and invested in their dream. Since then, their pieces have been in numerous magazines, on the runway, in music videos and on celebrities. Selita Ebanks, who has a swimsuit line called Sass, partnered with the ladies for BET's rip the runway.

Free People jewelry

Friday, July 27, 2012

Designer Karen Millen

When lace started to make a fashion come-back I was very anti - for a good reason - I thought. In my last post I mentioned the "flower power" jeans and why I felt they were not a stylish trend. With lace, I just wonder why anyone would want to wear their parents' curtains from the 80s. There is something about embroidered fabric that screams dated home decor. This is how I felt until I stumbled upon the London based designer, Karen Millen.  She designs everything a girl could want in her closet, from casual to glamorous, fabulous statement pieces. I browsed her website for hours drooling over her dresses and this one is a favorite - Yes - it has lace.

Karen Millen lace dress on sale for $250.00

You don't have to live in the UK to purchase a Karen Millen one-of-a-kind signature piece; You can go to her website Karen Millen. Going on right now there is an end of season sale, up to 70% off.  I've now changed my opinion on the lace trend as long as it's a Karen Millen design.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Jeanious or not so much

Let me start by saying: I love jeans - love, love, love jeans! Jeans to me is like comfort food, always there to make a "I don't have anything to wear!" meltdown turn out just right. We are talking all types of jeans, from skinny, flared, bell bottoms, to grandma high-waisted jeans. Yes, like the ones Jessica Simpson wore that everybody hated; Well, I actually thought they were stylish.

Lately, I've noticed a trend in the jeans world that I'm not sure I'm fond of. I'm talking about flower patterned jeans. I know it's the latest craze, all the celebs are wearing it, just take a look at this picture:
Beyonce and other celebs rocking the flower print.
Doesn't this pattern remind you of the tablecloths at summer cookouts from childhood? Maybe it's just me. Lets see how long this trend lasts - hopefully not much longer.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fedoras to the Rescue

When I'm having a bad hair day, which is most of the time, my quick fix is to wear a hat. I like all kinds of hats, but I'm very fond of the fedora. The fedora has been around since the 20s and was worn predominantly by men. Now designers make fedoras for both sexes with traditional detailing to the more flamboyant styles. This is a Joe Boxer fedora which you can find at Kmart for only $6.99. The flower detail is cute for the spring and summer months.

I love the bright colors of these fedoras because they are great for the summer. Try the look with a side ponytail or a messy bun. The hair doesn't have to be perfect because the fedora does all the work. Adding a pair of dangling earrings wouldn't hurt either.

Found this fedora with leather and spur detail at Guccifor $450.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cedella Marley and Puma

Hello Fashionistas!

Cedella Marley, daughter of the late and great singer Bob Marley, has created a collection for Puma. Check it out here:

Usain Bolt was recently photographed in one of the bold, bright pieces from this collection; all colors of the Jamaican flag. Check the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.

One of Cedella's clothing line, "Catch a Fire" features a mix of Grace Jones style infused with Bob Marley roots.  View my store for some of her pieces.
Sneakers  cleats designed by Cedella for Puma. Look closely and you can see an image of Bob Marley.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Christian Siriano...Still Fierce!

Tim Gunn recently stated in Entertainment Weekly "...I've never met anybody I would call a prodigy - except Christian". What has the young designer and winner of Project Runway season 4 been up to? He's still designing fierce fashion and killing it at fashion week. Celebs such as Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham -just naming a few - have been seen in his designs. From his spring/summer 2012 collection, check out this organza and tulle pleated spiral gown:

This gown is a steal at $7,500 and you can purchase it at Christian Siriano website. For us bargain shoppers out there, Christian does have an affordable shoe and purse collection at payless shoesource.  There is a clearance sale going on right now. You can view his fall/winter 2012/2013 collection below and it is "fierce!"

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Colorful hues


Dorothy Perkins Zig Zag chiffon dress
find it here: www.wiwt.com

Skinny jeans

Are we tired of skinny jeans yet? on men?

On women?

Stripper heels

If everybody and their mama is now wearing stripper heels to work & play, what are strippers wearing? Maybe ballet flats.

I would like to start a discussion on the practicality of wearing these heels to work. I understand if you want to wear these shoes out to the club - but to work. Really!? I've even seen stripper shoes at church. Who is for or against? Also, if you can let us know what the strippers are doing for footwear let us know.