Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stripper heels

If everybody and their mama is now wearing stripper heels to work & play, what are strippers wearing? Maybe ballet flats.

I would like to start a discussion on the practicality of wearing these heels to work. I understand if you want to wear these shoes out to the club - but to work. Really!? I've even seen stripper shoes at church. Who is for or against? Also, if you can let us know what the strippers are doing for footwear let us know.


  1. I'm anti stripper shoes for everyday life like going to church or work, unless you're a stripper. The only reason why you would need to wear them to work or church is to help you advertise for your after-hours extracurricular activities.

    1. I like heels like these even before I knew what they are called. They bring out the elegance and sexiness in you.


    2. Remember pumps? I think stripper heels are like pumps on steroid.