Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Special Offer From Chuck-Chucks

This past weekend was so great! I celebrated another year, another milestone and new beginnings. February, the month of my birth, has so much to celebrate. There is Valentine's day for the romantics. Black history month, to pay tribute and remember the ones that paved the way for us. Presidents' day to honor the past leaders of this great nation or another day to be off work =) I celebrated all of the above and more; I was truly blessed to have my husband home with me (in fact, he took these pics for me). 

When I was contacted by Chuck-Chucks, I immediately went to there website to check out the goods. What I saw was unique. They offer interchangeable jewelry charm attachments for a leather bracelet of your choice. These bracelets (earrings and necklaces coming soon) allows you to express your individuality. The style combinations are endless. Currently, there are 12 different colored leather bracelets to choose from and hundreds of charms. 

If you don't see a charm you like, no problem! You can design your own charm by sending them a pic. There is no reason not to have a charm(s) that is sentimental to you. Do you remember friendship bracelets? Now, you have charms. So, share with your family and friends.

These charms are perfect for Valentine's Day!

Bracelet: Thanks to Chuck-Chucks
Special offer for you, Use coupon code: nadia1 and receive 50% OFF at checkout. 

Website: Chuck-Chucks.com

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