Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fab'rik Savannah: Celebrating Four Years!!!

Bree Thomas, Owner of Fab'rik Savannah

Hello Fashionistas! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. The weekend went by way too fast for me to really remember if I had any fun or not. Last night I had the pleasure of attending the four year anniversary of Fab'rik Savannah. I've featured Fab'rik on my blog before (here) when I hosted a Girl's Night Out event. The owner, Bree Thomas was considerate enough to shoot me an email to let me know of the big day. There were sales, drinks and cake. Yum! A little bit for everyone right? I decided to record some of the night to share on my YouTube channel (which has been neglected for far too long).  Please check it out and subscribe to my channel ubetterworkblog

I have so many pieces from Fab'rik, however tonight when I was looking for something to wear from this chic store, everything was in the laundry. So, I grabbed a pair of my most comfy jeans, an airy top and comfortable boots and out the door I went, no make-up and a bad hair day. But, I wasn't going to let all that stop me from sharing with you, yet again, what this fabulous store has to offer. 

Top: Free People
Jeans: 7 For All Mankind
Boots: Nature Breeze (last seen here)
Bag: Guess

Hope you enjoyed, the video. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

P.S. The video was recorded with an iPhone 6. The hubster made me mention that, lol.


  1. Cute outfit!


  2. cool look, love your hair. xx
    Instagram @littleprettymess

    1. Glad you did, it was driving me nuts. Thank you nonetheless.

  3. Love boutique events - your jeans and top are super stylish!

  4. You look pretty. Great video - I enjoyed it. :-)

    1. Thanks Missy! That means a lot considering I wasn't going to upload it.