Sunday, August 31, 2014

Shopping with Nanette Lepore

Hello Fashionistas! Hope you are enjoying this Labor Day weekend. I know I am, so this blog post will be brief ^_^. The sales this weekend are ridonkulous (like Phaedra's booty). I wanted to share some online sale codes that I came across, in case you don't want to be in the thick of it in the malls.

Bloomingdale's, save 20 - 60% OFF + an extra 20%, Online: Enter Code BIG20 

Outnet, save 30 - 65% OFF, Online: Enter Code FALLFREESHIP to receive free standard/express shipping on orders over $250

Macy's, 20 - 50% + extra OFF shoe sale. Promo code: DEALS

Nordstrom, clearance sale, save up to 40%, online & in stores

Corset/Top: Nanette Lepore 
Skirt/Dress: Show Me Your Mumu
Shoes: KensieGirl

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

What To Wear

Hello Fashionistas! How was your weekend? Fashionating I hope. 

For this post I wanted to address a concern that a lot of corporate, busy, on-the-go women (Yes! I'm talking to you fashion bloggers) are faced with on a regular basis. What to wear to: happy-hour, a networking event or a low key after-work event? Well, I used to have this problem but no longer. Now, I'm going to let you know what I do when I have days like these. It's quite simple and it doesn't take much planning. 

First, I have to know what type of day I'm going to have to plan accordingly. If I have a meeting with buttoned up execs and then attending happy-hour right after and there is no time to go home and change -which is almost always- then, I brainstorm on pieces that I could bring to easily change into; Which is usually in the restroom at the building you just had said meeting.

Second, I go into my closet and decide on an outfit and accessories. Finding the right accessories also means, finding the right bag to carry the extra pieces that you will need to transition your outfit from "day" to "night" (we'll use "day" to night" for this example). Jewelry pieces are also really easy to change out and carry. 

Third, I usually try to bring one additional piece of clothing to change into. The clothing you choose should be wrinkle-resistant and fold-able to place in your bag. FYI, Jeans are perfect for this. I try to keep the same heels on through-out, but if you prefer, by all means throw in a cute pair of flats. Simple, right!?!

What To Wear by ubetterwork on

What are your tips for transitioning from "day" to "night"? Let me know below.

 Thanks for reading!

Friday, August 22, 2014

#VF: Pioneer Inspired

TGIF! So glad Friday is finally here, aren't you? 

Today's post is a little bit different. I was inspired by the picture of the young woman below. I wanted to re-create this look with whatever I could find in my closet and make it modern. Not sure if I pulled it off, let me know what you think.

Hat: Old
Corset: Teri Jon
Belt: DIY
Shoes: Roxy
Bag: Old

 After taking these pics, I had to include this horse we took a picture of months ago downtown Savannah. It was only appropriate.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Firmoo: New Arrivals

Hump-day/Slump-day! Hello Fashionistas! Why is it that Wednesdays seem to drag on, then the rest of the days fly by? Any who, I wanted to let you guys know about the new shades and glasses that Firmoo have to offer. You remember Firmoo, right? If not, let me refresh your memory. They are a global online optical store and I've done a couple reviews here & here on this frugal, yet stylish company.

Check out the comprehensive list of new arrivals at: for glasses starting as low as $16.
Also, find out how you can get your first pair FREE!

Have a happy Thursday and thanks for reading.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Lip-licious Monday

 Hi Fashionistas! How was your weekend? Fashionating I hope. 

Do you remember this trend that started in 2012, maybe even as early as 2011? I was so anti-bejeweled and dual lip colors that I didn't even give it a second thought. Now, two (maybe three) years later I'm revisiting this trend because apparently it's still a thing. It wasn't a fad after all. I now wonder, where would you be able to pull this off at. Work? School? The club? definitely the club. Someone once told me - while out shopping new trends at the mall - "don't knock it until you try it". Now thinking back, her advice makes a lot of sense. I should be more open to new fashion trends, whether I think it looks crazy, weird or stupid. So, in that vain, here I am embracing the dual lip color trend, in my own subtle way. 

 Color: top & bottom - "ruby opera"
(I had to start off in my comfort zone)

 Color: top - "blushing harmony"
bottom - "ruby opera"

Color: top - "coral encore"
bottom - "ruby opera"

What do you think of the dual lip color trend? Where would you wear this look?

Lip colors ℅ L'Oreal

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Farewell to Summer...Welcome back Fall

Hello Guys & Dolls! What a summer!? I'm the first to admit, I've been MIA for some months now and not because I wanted to, but this has been the busiest summer ever.  And now that it's almost over, I can breath a sigh of relief and get back to blogging :-)
What did you guys do this Summer?

Farewell to Summer...Welcome Fall by ubetterwork on

For this Fall, the must-have pieces are ones you probably already have in your closets. 
1. The sweater coat
2. Ostrich feather (how to wear)
3. Over-the-knee boots
4. Midi hemlines (skirt/dress)
5. Booties (suede or leather)
6. A wide leg pant
7. Vintage round lens sunnies
The color of the season is going to be any shade of gray (not to be mistaken with 50 shades of Grey ^_^)
What pieces are you looking forward to wearing this Fall?