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Several years ago, I came up with a great idea; rid my closet of unwanted clothes and make room for new items. Genius right?! After doing just that, I wanted to share with everyone the joys of a clutter-free closet. Hence, More Closet Space, the company I started but didn't quite commit to. Today is a new day and with a fresh start, I want to jump back into the clutter and organize my way through your closet. Need help? contact me. Want to try it on your own? No problem.

Tips On How To Achieve A Clutter-Free Closet:

Step 1: Assess Your Big Obstacles Are your shoes overtaking the space? Try a hanging-shoe rack or over-the-door organizer. Do your clothes overcrowd? Thinner hangers create space so you can find things easier. Feeling rushed each morning?  Dividing shirts, dresses, jeans, etc. bring a sense of order and saves time. Take it a step further and organize by casual, business and dressy attire. I've seen closets that are color coordinated; whatever suits you. Solving your biggest problem will motivate you to create the closet of your dreams.
Step 2: Make it a Family Effort Getting your significant other and kids involved in organizing can make a difference in your family's day-to-day life. Everyone should be in charge of his or her own clothes, accessories, and toys. This will cut your cleaning time in half and ensure nothing important is thrown away by mistake.
Step 3: Take 30 minutes Scheduling just 30 minutes a week can really make a dent in your overstuffed, cluttered closet. Can't spare that much? Try 10 minutes. If you're constantly being interrupted by "Hey Mom!" -- ask your spouse to take the kids out for the afternoon. Remember to return the favor when it's his turn to hit the closets.
Step 4: Start from Scratch Take everything (yes, everything) out of your closet. If you don't remove it all, chances are the same unworn clothes will be moved around in the closet. Now it's time to sort. Throw out old, ill-fitting and damaged clothing. Donate what you don't need, can't wear or don't wear.
Step 5: Out with the Odd Remove items that have no business in your closet. Bank statements, insurance information, or tax documents don't belong next to your shoes, scarves, and sweaters. 
Step 6: Organize in Sections Designate a place for everything in your closet. Shoes in one place, sweaters in another, and so on. This will help you keep order and save you time each morning. Make smart use of the space. Installing shelves will double your storage and help sweaters and t-shirts keep their shape better.
Step 7: Apply the 80/20 Rule You may not want to admit it, but the majority of clothes you have probably go unworn. It's said that the average American only wears 10 to 20 percent of their clothes. To cut down on the fluff, remove items you haven't worn in a year. Drop off the excess at Goodwill or arrange a clothes swap with friends.
Step 8: Put One In; Take One Out For each new item you buy to put in your closet, donate one item (or pitch it if it's past its prime). This will keep you from returning to your pat-rack ways.
Step 9: Keep It Going Dedicate 10 -15 minutes a week to straightening your closet after the major de-cluttering. Spending this small amount of time will ensure you never have to go through a major de-clutter again. Hopefully!
Step 10: Treat Yourself Recognize and celebrate what you've done. Treat yourself to some new clothes, shoes or accessories. Now, you actually have room for it!

To Consign? Or Not? 

Now that you have de-cluttered your closet and feeling proud of yourself, do something with the unwanted pieces. If you would like to make some extra money on items that are still on trend or have tags on them in good condition, you can consign. Below are some online consignment options:

A Few Brick - N - Mortar Options:

  • Cherry Picked Consignments - @cherrypickedconsignments
  • Buffalo Exchange - @buffaloexchange
  • Fifi's - @fifisharbourvillage
  • Plato's Closet - @platosclosetregencyfl
  • Sweet Repeats - @sweetrepeatsjax 

Feeling Charitable? There Are Tons Of Options:

  • Goodwill
  • Habitat For Humanity
  • Hubbard House
  • Salvation Army

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