Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tom Joyner Family Reunion

Safia M.

Check out her website Lipstick Mixtapes 

 Love the patriotism!

Fiechia Crosby of Teal Talk With Fee 

 Posing with a Jones and Rose product


Jones and Rose - Christie Jones-Bird

 Nyesha Carey of Carey Lane Boutique

Candy Shop Jewlz - Tae A'Costa 

Interview with Teal Talk With Fee 


Akila Collier 

These pictures are from the 10th annual Tom Joyner Family Reunion, which was recently held at the beautiful Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center. This event brings together families from near and far to enjoy the Labor Day weekend by providing fun activities for the kids, live entertainment, exhibits and shopping.



  1. Beautiful images! I like them a lot, you have a beautiful blog ;)

  2. It looks like you definitely had a great time. Nice pics! Remind me to show you how to use animoto.com. It's a great site that you can use to add pictures, music and captions for your pics and it runs like a movie. It is really cool!

  3. Thanks for sharing the event, while I've heard about the event, I've never been looks like fun and a great opportunity to network!


  4. Love the pics Nadia! You did a excellent job showcasing the different vendors!

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