Monday, August 18, 2014

Lip-licious Monday

 Hi Fashionistas! How was your weekend? Fashionating I hope. 

Do you remember this trend that started in 2012, maybe even as early as 2011? I was so anti-bejeweled and dual lip colors that I didn't even give it a second thought. Now, two (maybe three) years later I'm revisiting this trend because apparently it's still a thing. It wasn't a fad after all. I now wonder, where would you be able to pull this off at. Work? School? The club? definitely the club. Someone once told me - while out shopping new trends at the mall - "don't knock it until you try it". Now thinking back, her advice makes a lot of sense. I should be more open to new fashion trends, whether I think it looks crazy, weird or stupid. So, in that vain, here I am embracing the dual lip color trend, in my own subtle way. 

 Color: top & bottom - "ruby opera"
(I had to start off in my comfort zone)

 Color: top - "blushing harmony"
bottom - "ruby opera"

Color: top - "coral encore"
bottom - "ruby opera"

What do you think of the dual lip color trend? Where would you wear this look?

Lip colors ℅ L'Oreal


  1. I think what you did is actually very wearable. Some of the stuff they have in magazines or on the runway is just too crazy to wear anywhere, even at a club. :)

    Maggie S.

  2. lovely...i like this definitely.

  3. Love these colors on you!

  4. I think the dual lip color is fab! But I'm in love with the vibrant colors!!! That royal blue is my favorite!