Monday, April 22, 2013

Harley-Davidson : : Fashion Show

It was Customer Appreciation day at Savannah Harley-Davidson - good food, great fashion and lots of fun for the entire family. Did you know that Harley-Davidson was not just a bike company? They have a wide selection of apparel: Pink Collection, Kids Couture, Pajamas, Tropical wear and fabulous jewelry. Stop in at one of your local Harley-Davidson retailer to see what I'm talking about. Sorry guys! this is no longer just your playground :)

Is it wrong that I wanted to wear this flower in my hair? 

From the pink collection

The ladies that made this event fashionable: (left to right) Melissa Harris - model with Bikini Nation and appointed director for the fashion show; Jessica Quito Perle - Make-up artist extraordinaire; Ioana Rotaru - hairstylist; and last but not least, Jennifer Hagan-Smith - Marketing Coordinator for Savannah Harley-Davidson (emcee for the fashion show), Bikini Nation Owner and COO of Survivor Glam Squad .

Bikini Nation - Bikini Nation official website

Jessica Quito Perle - Ms. Quito Artistry Facebook page

Savannah Harley-Davidson - Facebook page

Photography credit: Corey Brooks & James Purvis 

Happy Earth Day!


  1. Beside from the basic t-shirt logo fashion, I was not aware they had a line of clothing. It make good marketing sense. Are you the model in the Pink collection and hat? :)

    1. A lot of people didn't know. Yes ma'am I'm wearing the pink collection.

  2. MY husband is in trouble, he didn't tell me they sold cute clothes for women.

  3. Who knew they had a line? I like....the leather styles would just put my bad girl swag over the top, lol. You look great hun!

  4. Nice pics :) LOVE YOUR BLOG
    Wanna follow each others?

  5. The girl is too cute!
    (Makeup | Skincare| Etc)

  6. i didnt know harley make cute clothes.