Friday, August 2, 2013

Alice & Trixie

Alice & Trixie


When I first discovered Alice & Trixie, I thought, finally, designers who create the look I try to achieve on a daily basis (when not in the corporate world). Alice & Trixie is Effortlessly chic, uber-feminine and comfortable. With creative patterns, bold colors and easy -breezy fabrics, I'm never disappointed with each collection. Now, notice I said "designers", well, earlier on I assumed Alice & Trixie were two, not one. Angela Taylor George, is the creator (she does have a team) but she created Alice & Trixie in 1997 after years of experience in the fashion mecca, AKA New York! :-)

Visit Alice & Trixie for more effortlessly chic clothing. Also, if you have any favorite Alice & Trixie pieces, please feel free to share. 

Have a GREAT weekend! :-)