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Fall/Autumn Must-Haves 2017

Fall/Autumn Must-Haves 2017

Hello Fashionistas! 
How was your weekend? Mine was pretty uninteresting and not very fashionable to be honest. But, I did get lots done around the house, so there's that. I know I'm so late with this post, but better late than never, right? 
On to the post, Fall/Autumn must-haves according to what showed on the runways. Heads up, this post is going to be a two-parter (still not sure if that's a legit word) because I was not loving everything, per usual. But, I wanted to feature as much as I could and of course, you can always disagree with me in the comments section. Also, I'll have a poll on my Facebook page featuring a coat from Gucci that I really want to know, would you wear it? So, if you haven't liked my page on Facebook, no hard feelings, you still have time 😊.

1. Buttoned up - Not much explanation needed here; it's just an article of clothing that has tons of buttons. I chose this dress because I thought it was cute. It has the belted waist (always love a cinched waist, that will never change). And, of course the buttons going up the front.
2. Retro hats - I love hats. I used to wear hats all the time, not so much now. Not sure why, but I still have tons of hats in my closet and now it will be on-trend this Fall season. I'll be dusting them off and donning them with different outfits.
3. Vintage-Inspired furs & Belted Coat - The faux fur I chose was giving me a vintage vibe. Also, it is belted which I love this trend. Like I've said a thousand times on this blog, I love a cinched waist. #Cinched! Now, you really don't have to go out and buy a new coat because if you have a trench coat in your closet already, it already comes with a belt. Or, just add a belt to an already favorite coat. Which brings me to... #5 Belts. (Yes, I know this is out of order, that's how my brain usually works). Belts are still haute. Especially wide belts. 
4. Western - I had a pair of cowboy boots at one point in my life. I thought they were really cute. The ones I found above are slightly more modern and chic. I actually think they would go nicely with the buttoned-up dress. What do you think?
6. Power Red & Over-the-knee boots - Red is such a strong color. I also think it's a strong statement piece when worn as boots, and very bold when worn on the lips. Since over-the-knee boots are still a haute look, why not get a pair of red ones.
7. Mid-Length Skirts - What's not to love? This is an easy pairing. A patterned mid-length skirt, a plain tee, wide belt, and flats or booties. Done!
8. Chocolate brown colors - There were a lot of chocolate brown on the runway for Fall. Everything from coats, shoes, bags, was a lot. But, I was all for it and better yet, I have plenty of chocolate brown in my closet.
The fishnets, I know you see them. This is also a trend for the Fall; I'm on the fence with this one.

What do you think of my Fall/Autumn Must-Haves?

Thank you for reading and commenting! 

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