Monday, July 23, 2012

Jeanious or not so much

Let me start by saying: I love jeans - love, love, love jeans! Jeans to me is like comfort food, always there to make a "I don't have anything to wear!" meltdown turn out just right. We are talking all types of jeans, from skinny, flared, bell bottoms, to grandma high-waisted jeans. Yes, like the ones Jessica Simpson wore that everybody hated; Well, I actually thought they were stylish.

Lately, I've noticed a trend in the jeans world that I'm not sure I'm fond of. I'm talking about flower patterned jeans. I know it's the latest craze, all the celebs are wearing it, just take a look at this picture:
Beyonce and other celebs rocking the flower print.
Doesn't this pattern remind you of the tablecloths at summer cookouts from childhood? Maybe it's just me. Lets see how long this trend lasts - hopefully not much longer.


  1. I agree 100 % jeans are amazing but the floral print jeans... Yea not too crazy about them. Oh and high waisted jeans are awesome :D an super comfy

    1. Lets start a movement to bring back the grandma jeans :)

  2. I love my girl when she in some jeans that show off her beautiful curves at the same time not offend anybody

  3. I am so loving this site girlfriend! You are on it!

  4. Thank you!:) your site is so needed here; luv Teal Talk With Fee.