Saturday, October 23, 2021

SBS x Monroe Steele Fall/Winter Collection 2021

Hello Fashionistas! Hope you all have been doing well. 
Yay to another collection from SBS x Monroe Steele 😃. Can we just take a moment and admire these two for their consistency (we'll get into the pieces in just a moment). During these times of uncertainty, I applaud Sonjia & Monroe for their creativity and continued motivation. In this new collection for Fall/Winter, the 6- pieces are named after prominent African American women: Naomi Campbell (I know she's British), Beyonce Knowles, Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry, Mary J Blige & Tracee Ellis Ross. I'm not surprised by this because Monroe doesn't make it a secret that she always promotes African American businesses (see her YouTube channel) & women of color. The theme the ladies were going for is the "Rich Auntie Vibes" and I think they nailed it. The pieces are sophisticated & the materials used is definitely not cheap.

Now, about the pieces. My absolute favorite is the Naomi Batwing Dress. The versatility of this dress is what makes it my favorite because it can be worn so many different ways. You can have an off-the-shoulder moment; A snatched waist; a demure look in the front with a slightly sexy slit in the back - well done! 

Love the long sleeves, the length and the creativity of the ties. The shoes that Monroe chose to pair this dress with was also a perfect match. 

Sonjia's signature paperbag pants are back but this time they are tailored, hence the correct term "trousers". Which do you guys prefer, these or the original ones (see here)?  

         Mary J Beret

Is it me or is this picture giving Poetic Justice vibes? Let me know what you think of the new collection in the comments below. 

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Friday, April 16, 2021

SBS x Monroe Steele Wanderlust Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

Hi Fashionistas!

The dynamic duo are back! Something by Sonjia X Monroe Steele that is. They dropped their Spring/Summer 2021 collection today at noon called Wanderlust; And of course, my favorite dress is already Sold Out - The Miami Midi Dress that is. 

Coming in at a close second, for me, is the Malibu Midi Dress.

Montauk Crop Top - Sold Out

New for the Spring/Summer collection, the ladies added a swimsuit (which doubles as a bodysuit in my opinion), sunglasses and a beach cover up. The pieces are interchangeable, they can be mixed & matched; You will definitely get cost per wear for each piece. 

Check out Monroe's YouTube channel for the may different ways each pieces can be worn:

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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Something By Sonjia x Monroe Steele Capsule Collection for Fall/Winter 2020


 Monroe Steele wearing the Harlem Midi Dress from her capsule collection with Something By Sonjia

Hi Fashionistas! Hope you are having a fashionating weekend 😀. I know I haven't posted anything in a million years. I just looked at my last post and it was over 3 years ago, yikes! Just a quick update. I am now a mother of (an almost) toddler. So, if you know, you know. The struggle is REAL. Pray for me. Anyway, why I had to get on here and make this post today (will be midnight by the time I'm done). I am a huge fan of - fashionista, content creator & YouTuberMonroe Steele. I love her eye for fashion, her extensive shoe collection and her down-to-earth personality that is featured on her YouTube channel every Wednesday & Sunday. I received an email alert for her newsletter this week (sign-up for her newsletter if you haven't already, you won't be disappointed) mentioning a clothing line. I wasn't able to read it thoroughly since I'm in the midst of a no sleep war with my child who refuses to go to bed at a decent hour. Yes, the struggle is real. Then, I saw on her Instagram page a few pictures and immediately fell in love with the 'Harlem' dress. If you don't know, Monore currently resides in New York, more specifically Harlem. Although she's originally from North Carolina, she's a true New Yorker. She has that swag. Back to THE DRESS. I saw the 'Harlem' dress and was smitten. Only issue, Monroe is snatched and I AM NOT (PERIOD). So, in my hesitation to pre-order the dress, I missed out because it has sold out already. Yes, you read that correctly. SOLD OUT. I'm happy and I'm crushed at the same time. Happy for Monroe who's a friend in my head and crushed because I definitely missed out on what will become an iconic piece like the wrap dress from DVF. I can  guarantee that this dress will be able to stand the test of time and not be dated. If you were lucky enough to order this dress, kudos to you. The other pieces are just as noteworthy from the paperbag pant to the reversible skirt. 

Sonjia wearing the Amelia turtleneck affectionately named after one of Monroe's plants.

The turtle neck is already sold out as well. I think they will be making a Harlem II dress, just not the same fabric and color. In the midst of social distancing,  which I hope we are all practicing - staying at home loungewear has really changed, for the better. As you can see from the loungewear from the collection, you can be chic while at home. I can see taking a zoom meeting in this lounge set. What do you guys think?

 I really appreciate that the pieces are size inclusive with some being available up to 3XL. I should mention, there are two different reversible face masks also available on the website, one with camo, the other a solid sage green color. If you missed out on the 'Harlem' dress like I did and you want to make a plea to Monroe and Sonjia, they will be Live tomorrow on Instagram.
If you want to join in the on the live chat this Monday, October 12th on Instagram it will be at 6Pm EST. You can check Monroe's IG for more details @MonroeSteele.

Shop the collection ---> Something By Sonjia x Monroe Steele

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Monday, August 14, 2017

AUrate Jewelry: Summer Must-Haves Collection 2017

Hello Fashionistas!
How was your weekend? Hopefully it was fashionating. Today I'm really excited to share a New York based, conflict-free jewelry company with you guys - AUrate New York. Full disclosure, I'm not a diamond girl, long before watching the movie Blood Diamonds, it was never my stone of choice. Post movie, I felt very conflicted about the way diamonds came to be in the major jewelry stores. When I first heard about AUrate, I had to look into what they were about. I was really impressed with their mission to provide conflict-free jewelry at a more affordable price and every piece is made in New York. Gotta love that! Furthermore, I think if you've been following my blog for a while, you know that I love companies that give back. Whether it's - "Buy a pair, give a pair" or "One for One" - I highly commend the philanthropic work being done behind the scenes. AUrate's motto is "A book for your look". For every piece of jewelry sold, a book is donated to a child in an underserved public school (see video below). Aside from the good they are doing in the public school system, the jewelry is pretty awesome. The have a very versatile selection you can choose from that can be worn in the office to girls night out. 
Have you seen Girls Trip yet?  If not, you should.

All these fabulous pieces will be on the website tomorrow, August 15th for the Summer Must-Haves collection launch. My favorite from the collection are the cuff earrings. It pairs well with the short or long bar necklaces which are also a part of this collection. The rings can be stacked, the necklaces can be mix-matched and the diamonds are just the right amount of bling without being too flashy. You can visit their website to view the fashionable pieces that are currently available and head back tomorrow for the new collection. Better yet, sign up by entering your email and receive 10% off.

Thank you to AUrate New York for allowing me a first look at this amazing collection that will transition nicely into Fall/Autumn. Let me know what you think of these pieces.

Visit AUrate on all their social media channels:

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Monday, August 7, 2017

Fall/Autumn Must-Haves (or Not) 2017

Fall Must-Haves (or Not) 2017

Fall Must-Haves (or Not) 2017 by ubetterwork featuring a leisure suit

Hi Fashionistas!
This is the second part of my Fall/Autumn must-haves for 2017, except, these are the trends  I didn't care for. We'll just get right into it.

1. Victorian collar - I'm not completely against this trend, I just don't think it looks very youthful. But, I could change my mind depends on what I find in the shops.
2. 70s Plaid - I'll certainly not be changing my mind about this one. 
3. Nylon coats - I think my biggest problem with nylon, is that it was not meant for clothing, in my opinion. It doesn't matter how much you dress it up, i.e. fur or faux fur collar, it still looks cheap. And, I  can't stand that noise that it makes when it's in movement. Almost like plastic bags being crumbled. Probably not a very good description, but I think you get my drift.
4. Broad shoulders - This trend should stay in the 80s. This is not very flattering at all. The issue I have with broad shouldered items is this, if you don't have a really narrow waist, or an hour-glass figure, you look like a box. 
5. Formal Velvet - love the color of this skirt (chocolate brown) and the length is fine. However, I can't stand velvet. Not for clothing. Feels nice, but it's a heavy fabric to wear and it's one of those fabrics that ages you. I feel the same way about corduroys so I'm not just hating on velvet.
6. Leisure suits - For the house fine, but not for getting dressed up. Yes, a lot of celebs are wearing leisure suits around town to give off the "I'm so unbothered look", well, it does look like you didn't bother to put yourself together that day.
7. Couch florals - I know what you're thinking, is this really a trend for the Fall. Yes, it is. 
8. Glitterati Boots - This is a definite "no" for me. Really cute on small children, but not if you're of a particular age. 

Let me know what your thoughts are about this upcoming Fall/Autumn must-haves. I did also have 2 more Fall trends that I didn't list here on the blog, but they will be on my Facebook page. 

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Fall/Autumn Must-Haves 2017

Fall/Autumn Must-Haves 2017

Hello Fashionistas! 
How was your weekend? Mine was pretty uninteresting and not very fashionable to be honest. But, I did get lots done around the house, so there's that. I know I'm so late with this post, but better late than never, right? 
On to the post, Fall/Autumn must-haves according to what showed on the runways. Heads up, this post is going to be a two-parter (still not sure if that's a legit word) because I was not loving everything, per usual. But, I wanted to feature as much as I could and of course, you can always disagree with me in the comments section. Also, I'll have a poll on my Facebook page featuring a coat from Gucci that I really want to know, would you wear it? So, if you haven't liked my page on Facebook, no hard feelings, you still have time 😊.

1. Buttoned up - Not much explanation needed here; it's just an article of clothing that has tons of buttons. I chose this dress because I thought it was cute. It has the belted waist (always love a cinched waist, that will never change). And, of course the buttons going up the front.
2. Retro hats - I love hats. I used to wear hats all the time, not so much now. Not sure why, but I still have tons of hats in my closet and now it will be on-trend this Fall season. I'll be dusting them off and donning them with different outfits.
3. Vintage-Inspired furs & Belted Coat - The faux fur I chose was giving me a vintage vibe. Also, it is belted which I love this trend. Like I've said a thousand times on this blog, I love a cinched waist. #Cinched! Now, you really don't have to go out and buy a new coat because if you have a trench coat in your closet already, it already comes with a belt. Or, just add a belt to an already favorite coat. Which brings me to... #5 Belts. (Yes, I know this is out of order, that's how my brain usually works). Belts are still haute. Especially wide belts. 
4. Western - I had a pair of cowboy boots at one point in my life. I thought they were really cute. The ones I found above are slightly more modern and chic. I actually think they would go nicely with the buttoned-up dress. What do you think?
6. Power Red & Over-the-knee boots - Red is such a strong color. I also think it's a strong statement piece when worn as boots, and very bold when worn on the lips. Since over-the-knee boots are still a haute look, why not get a pair of red ones.
7. Mid-Length Skirts - What's not to love? This is an easy pairing. A patterned mid-length skirt, a plain tee, wide belt, and flats or booties. Done!
8. Chocolate brown colors - There were a lot of chocolate brown on the runway for Fall. Everything from coats, shoes, bags, was a lot. But, I was all for it and better yet, I have plenty of chocolate brown in my closet.
The fishnets, I know you see them. This is also a trend for the Fall; I'm on the fence with this one.

What do you think of my Fall/Autumn Must-Haves?

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Warby Parker: Newest Collection

Hello Fashionistas! 
It has been a minute since I posted. What can I say? Life! Hope you all have been doing well. Some of you may already know that I love wearing sunglasses; if you don't, view some of my previous posts herehere & here.
I recently found out that Warby Parker launched a new collection of sunglasses on June 13th. This collection is reminiscent of the 1950s in whereas they have reinvented "the shape - bold browline, mixed materials" - of that era. The inspiration is to "look as smart as you are" while wearing these sunglasses. Makes sense since there is a school of thought that glasses makes an individual look smarter. I included some of the eyeglasses as well to give you an idea of the style overload; these glasses are far from boring! 
Warby Parker has an at home try-on program which allows you the opportunity to try on five different frames for five days for free. After those fives days, keep the ones that you like and return the ones that didn't quite fit your style. Oh, I forgot to mention, shipping is free both ways. Sweet! 

Warby Parker also likes to give back with their buy a pair, give a pair program. I think it's highly commendable when companies give back. That's what you will be doing when you purchase a pair of glasses; giving to someone less fortunate. 

Warby Parker Sunglasses
Warby Parker Home Try-On
Fb: Warby Parker
Tweet: Warby Parker
IG: Warby Parker
YT: Warby Parker 

Happy Independence Day!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

SCAD Fashion Show 2017

Hello Fashionistas!

How was your weekend? The SCAD Fashion Show was this past Friday at the Alex Townsend Memorial Courtyard located behind the SCAD Museum. Selected graduates were able to showcase their designs which spanned from womenswear, menswear and even bridal couture. I picked my favorite looks from the show below. If you were in attendance, who was your favorite designer?

Some of my favorite looks from the show courtesy of SCAD via fashionista:
How cool is this!?

Check out this short video clip of the fashion show:

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Memorial Day Style Guide

Memorial Day Style Guide

Memorial Day Style Guide by ubetterwork featuring Christian Louboutin Open Toe Wedge Sandals

Hello Fashionistas!

Memorial Day is fast approaching, less that two weeks away. Does anyone have any fashionating plans? 
Quick post today to feature some Memorial Day Styles that you can wear if you have an outing planned. I looked back to when I last composed a Memorial Day post and it was here in 2013. Today I created 3 looks for 3 separate occasions.  I used my Spring Must-Haves for inspiration and the looks pretty much created themselves. I wanted to feature ruffles, stripes and off course florals, but not in a traditional sense, but in a matter of fact way. These different trends may be hot this Spring, but they can still be incorporated in your closet as staple pieces for future wear. We all know fashion tends to repeat itself, so why not be prepared. 
Which look is your favorite?  

Calvin Klein extra 40% OFF | Coach up to 50% OFF
Express up to 50% OFF | H&M up to 60% OFF
Boohoo 50% OFF everything | Guess 50% OFF

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sponsored: Kiss Miss

Bandage Midi Dress

Hello Fashionistas!

How was your weekend? Hopefully it was fashionating. I had a lovely couple of days spending time with family this weekend. Celebrating my father-in-law's birthday was kind of special. He's someone that doesn't like to be fussed over and so we definitely wanted to show him how much we appreciated him by having a staff of restaurant employees sing him happy birthday much to his discomfort 😀. 
 Today I'm introducing you to a company based in the UK called Kiss Miss. The company was started by a group of friends who clearly have a passion for fashion. They feature some of the "hottest" on-trend dresses on the market. If you want a show-stopper, you can find it here; anything from a two-piece bandage set, midi- dresses, sexy bodysuits and swimsuits. The first featured picture is one that is my favorite. The detailing on the side is superb. It is a round neck weave bandage midi dress and it is everything! I'm sure you've seen similar bodycon dresses on some of your favorite celebrities - too many to name - and you've wanted to rock that dress yourself. Well, you can visit Kiss Miss to find a lot of celebrity inspired bodycon and bandage dresses. I picked out a few herehere and here for you to view. 

Color-blocked Bandage Bodycon Dress

Two-Piece Bandage Set
I've had the opportunity to visit the UK a couple times and aside form the glorious architecture, I absolutely love the shopping. The prices are great (very affordable), and the selection is extensive. These dresses are affordably priced and the quality is top-notch. the prices are in pounds but can be converted to your current currency. There is free shipping if you purchase a certain amount; details on the website. 

Embellished Bandage Bodysuit

 Summer is almost here. Time to up your swimsuit game 😊
Bandage Swimsuits

Currently Kiss Miss is having a Mother's Day sale. 10% OFF all orders, ends 5.15.17. Use coupon code: May10Sale

What dress or swimsuit would you select for Mother's Day?

Website: Kiss Miss
FB: Kiss Miss
Youtube: Kiss Miss 

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