Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Guess brings back fond memories of my high school days. Who remembers when a class-mate would walk up to you in the hall and say "guess what?" and you would reply, "what!" excited to hear a bit of gossip; only to have the question repeated, "guess what?" Now in annoyance you would repeat "what!" After a minute of this back and forth you would realize you were the butt of the joke because splashed across your chest would be the words "guess" written for everyone to see. Now Guess is celebrating 30 years, and I have to wonder if founder Paul Marciano, dreamt of this success when he shot his first campaign with Claudia Schiffer back in 1989.

The must-have boots for this upcoming Fall/Winter:

Guess Farnellis boots - $199.00

I love the unusual shade of this satchel. The color is summery, however it makes a nice transition into the bleaker seasons. 

Guess Dream Maker Satchel - $128

Until the weather changes, I will be wearing my open-toe, high-heeled sandals...

 by Guess


  1. Love the boots!<3

  2. Those boots are hott... but I wish summer would stay forever! ;)



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  4. Beautiful!!!! Love the sandals by guess!

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  5. It is often good to receive style tips like yours.

  6. Great pic, I would love to see my girl in those boots and purse she would love those as a gift