Wednesday, January 9, 2013


One of my favorite Christmas gifts this past year was from a dear friend - and fellow fashionista - a 2013 Shoes Gallery calendar. This calendar is filled with designers such as: Stuart Weitzman, Zanotti, Masaya Kushino & many others. I flipped through to preview the selections ahead and they are awesome. There is an eclectic mix of chic, edgy, sophisticated - basically a shoe for everyone. I'll upload more pictures as the months go by of my favorites. By the way, the setting for this little shoot, was my office, which is usually a mess, but I managed to clean up a little bit beforehand. Also, notice my Lucky magazine :) 

Zanotti Design

Masaya Kushino

Stuart Weitzman

Good news! You could enter to win a pair of Jerome C. Rousseau shoes (FYI: the red shoe on the front of the calendar is by Rousseau). To enter, go HERE before March 15, 2013.  Good luck & if you win, drop me an email.

Thanks for reading, have a great Thursday! 


  1. Those shoes you have on your desk are perfect!! :)
    and cool calendar! <3

    <3 CC

    1. Thx CC, don't forget to enter the contest for the Jerome C. Rousseau shoes.

  2. I love the post Nadia! What a great gift! ;-)

  3. Love the gift too Nadia! And those shoes on your desk are fierce!!!

  4. Happy New Year, that calendar is too cute! What nice gift ;-)

  5. stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop at:

    def a great gift!! i am for sure a sure fanatic!

    New follower via Email :-)

  6. Ahaha, I love those shoe calendars! My boss has 1 at work and I always walk over to her desk just to check out the shoe of the day!! You seem to be a shoe person & have a good eye for classyheels so I'll be watching your blog! lol

  7. Great gift! I have that issue of Lucky as well, cannot wait to read it! Some of my favorite Christmas presents are fashion related, people know me all too well.


  8. What a great idea for a calender! I bet you will learn a lot about the designers from it.