Monday, August 25, 2014

What To Wear

Hello Fashionistas! How was your weekend? Fashionating I hope. 

For this post I wanted to address a concern that a lot of corporate, busy, on-the-go women (Yes! I'm talking to you fashion bloggers) are faced with on a regular basis. What to wear to: happy-hour, a networking event or a low key after-work event? Well, I used to have this problem but no longer. Now, I'm going to let you know what I do when I have days like these. It's quite simple and it doesn't take much planning. 

First, I have to know what type of day I'm going to have to plan accordingly. If I have a meeting with buttoned up execs and then attending happy-hour right after and there is no time to go home and change -which is almost always- then, I brainstorm on pieces that I could bring to easily change into; Which is usually in the restroom at the building you just had said meeting.

Second, I go into my closet and decide on an outfit and accessories. Finding the right accessories also means, finding the right bag to carry the extra pieces that you will need to transition your outfit from "day" to "night" (we'll use "day" to night" for this example). Jewelry pieces are also really easy to change out and carry. 

Third, I usually try to bring one additional piece of clothing to change into. The clothing you choose should be wrinkle-resistant and fold-able to place in your bag. FYI, Jeans are perfect for this. I try to keep the same heels on through-out, but if you prefer, by all means throw in a cute pair of flats. Simple, right!?!

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What are your tips for transitioning from "day" to "night"? Let me know below.

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  1. so business chic!!! love the professional look without sacrificing style!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  2. I like to do this too. Great post.

  3. I love this ruffled top

  4. I more like jeans than skirt :) But bag on picture nr 1 is sooo great! :D

    1. I absolutely luv wearing jeans, there's nothing better.

  5. The top is gorgeous.

  6. Love that top and both ways you styled it! The top is perfect to go from day to night!

  7. Very clever how you switch from formal to casual on the same day. These looks are killer! xx

    Lubna |

  8. Love both looks! Great pieces to transition form day to night!!!

  9. Simple?! It wasn't before, but it sure will be now!! Thanks for that..

  10. Love all your picks Nadia! Very chic and totally my style :-)



  11. Great post. I love this style. I would wear the skirt at day and the jeans at night.